What Vintage Clothing Is In My Backpack Now?

My last blog post told you what clothing I started out with on my trip.  Now that we’re six months in, what do I have now?

Not surprisingly the vintage dresses have taken a beating.  I mean we are doing laundry every four or five days and it is probably not ideal to subject vintage clothing to that constant washing (and most of the time we take it to a laundry service so who knows what they do to the clothing).

Here are the dresses I originally brought on our trip:

SAM_8114SAM_9786SAM_0626 (1)SAM_1328SAM_8946

Sadly, two of my vintage dresses are no longer in my bag.  My yellow floral dress had seams coming apart everywhere and I had the option of trying to fix it but I’m not very good at sewing by hand.  Although I kind of regret it now, at some point I decided it was beyond repair.  Well, actually my husband made the decision for me – I was debating whether I should fix it and he always tells me I have too much stuff and I need to lighten the load, and he actually…….ripped it.  I know, tragic.  But at that point it really was just done.

As for the second dress, well really the fabric was a little heavy for Asia (it’s hot here!!!!) so it was always my last choice and I really only wore it when all of my other dresses weren’t clean.

What caused me to get rid of it was one day I was walking down the street and suddenly my husband called me a whore.

Turns out that I had a wardrobe malfunction and the zipper just completely came open, thereby exposing myself to everybody (well, at least I had a bra on so they didn’t actually see too much).  Not cool.  I tried zipping it back up, but the zipper was still up all of the way so time to run back to the hotel.

The dress with the zipper malfunction.

Strangely I couldn’t recreate the problem back at the hotel room, but decided I didn’t want to chance it happening again (plus it was kind of heavy anyway) so it ended up in the trash.

My pink gingham dress also had some issues and that is one of my favorite dresses so I did have to break out the needle and thread to mend it.

Now I have bought some dresses on this trip but they aren’t vintage.  I’ll talk about vintage shopping in another post.

I lost my white cardigan in Taiwan so I ended up replacing it with this pink sweater.

Originally I was just going to buy dresses to replace the discarded dresses, but then came up with the idea that I’ll send a box of dresses to my sister to hold onto for me because someday when we settle down again it would be cool to open the box and see dresses that I bought on our trip.  Still haven’t actually sent the box yet so my backpack is always bulging.  In fact my first backpack ripped, probably because it was always jammed too full.

But anyway, here are some pictures of some of things I have bought along the way:

SAM_2290SAM_2163SAM_3123 (1)SAM_2694SAM_2008SAM_1908SAM_1597

Unfortunately the “practical” clothing is still hanging in there, so other than a few t-shirts being swapped out, that’s all the same.

Here are some pictures of the “practical” clothing:


Doing this blog post has made me realize I need to take more photos that actually show off the clothing, so I’ll be working on that.

In addition to a few t-shirts and undergarments not pictured here, in a period of six months my new clothing purchases consist of six dresses and three blouses.  Wow, at home I would have bought more than that in one day at one thrift store.  Maybe I have changed….

New dresses
New blouses

Until next time…..




4 thoughts on “What Vintage Clothing Is In My Backpack Now?

  1. Wow! Great trip – haven’t made it to Asia yet. Thanks for checking out my fun, too. Although I agree with you about taking true vintage garments on a trip (too punishing), your choice of dresses was a good one under the circumstances. Sorry that you lost some but, tomorrow is another day. Sounds like you’re a great sleuth so life goes on . . . . . . . . . ..


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