Shopping in Taiwan

When were getting ready to leave the U.S. for our big adventure, Taiwan was our first destination.  However, everything leading up to our flight did not go smoothly (you try getting rid of everything you own!).

The closing on our townhouse kept getting delayed and we really thought we were going to have to change our plane tickets.  But, somehow the day before we left we did close on our townhouse, sold our last vehicle and got rid of a bunch of stuff we still had left.  It was a crazy, insane day.  So when we left early the next morning on our flight I was completely exhausted and not really able to appreciate that it was actually happening.

Of course at first my backpack was way too full and I had so much that stuff that some of it was crammed into the husband’s backpack, which left him very unhappy.


When in Taiwan I didn’t know I would be doing this blog and I was actually trying to get rid of stuff instead of accumulating stuff so I never researched vintage clothing shopping in Taiwan.  Plus I had no idea I would doing this blog and I didn’t even take any good photos of shopping, well other than one or two of the shoes (don’t worry I’m working on taking more pictures these days).  There was one pair of shoes that I was really coveting.

Although they had regular malls too, at the night markets most shopping was from little stalls like this.

We did go to a lot of night markets (the husband loves the food) so I was always checking out what was available.  There was a lot of good modern fashion in Taiwan, although most of it was probably too small for me to fit into.


What really, really intrigued me were the shoes.

The pair of shoes that I was coveting most was on the bottom row, third (or fourth?)  from the right (the white somewhat chunky one).  I was also coveting the higher platform version as well as the heeled version that you can see on the corner of the the top shelf.

But since I was ditching clothing and other things every time we packed to go to the next place, I was no absolutely no position to buy anything, so I did not.  Sadly.








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