My New Purchase in Korat, Thailand

I made a new purchase!  It is still hard for me to reconcile the old me (constantly visiting thrift stores and coming home with new finds) to the new me (can only buy what will fit in my backpack) so now I am so excited about any clothing that I purchase.

So my new purchase was a floral tank.  It unfortunately was not vintage, I couldn’t find any vintage stores in Korat, Thailand.


I did find this crazy mannequin though.


Anyway, one day we were walking around and I saw these cute floral tanks that were labelled as only costing 50 baht (about $1.40 USD)!!!!!  They were being sold by people with some racks set up on the street.

We were on our way to the IT Plaza so we didn’t stop but I told the husband to remember where it was so we could return.  We did eventually go back on another day, but there was only one lady out there selling anything when we got there.  Fortunately she did have some tanks with no price displayed and when I asked her how much they were, she said 50 baht.


I know you are supposed to bargain in Thailand, but I hate bargaining and my husband and I previously decided we weren’t going to bargain over petty change.  Since it was only 50 baht I bought one without any bargaining.


The hoarder in me debated buying two or three since they were really cheap, but I wasn’t sure how they would actually look on me, and there is that pesky issue of limited space in my backpack, so I only bought one.

I know it’s kind of hard to see, but the tank also has this cute little pocket too!

I didn’t actually wear it until we were in Chiang Mai, Thailand (that’s where the photos of it were taken) – it is really lightweight and I think I like it.  Now I wish I had bought a few more……









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