Having Fun with Vintage Clothing in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand is a city that tends to attract a lot of tourists, expats, and digital nomads, so it’s not surprising that I was able to locate a vintage clothing store here.

My original goal was to find two vintage clothing stores that, according to the map, were relatively close to each other.  I had to drag the husband along because I am not very good with directions or maps and he is much better at finding things.  I was pretty disappointed when he could not locate our first destination, Kaber Vintage Clothes Shop.  I don’t know if it shut down or if we were just not seeing it for some reason.

Somewhat dejected (well I was somewhat dejected, the husband may have actually been a little happy) we headed for our next destination (Love 70s) and I was hoping we could at least find it since I had been pretty excited about the thought of shopping for vintage clothing.

Did we find it? – yes we did and it was heaven!  I felt bad for the husband, but they had racks of dresses and I just had to go through them while he patiently waited outside.



Here are some of the dresses I was looking at:


All of the dresses were 200 baht each (about $5.61 USD).  Normally I prefer a 60s or 70s day dress style with no designated waist, but most of these dresses seemed to be more like 50s dresses with a higher elastic waist.  Although not normally my style, I was so excited that I bought two of them (I would have bought many more had I been at home and had a closet).

Here are my purchases:


What a great store, if you are ever in Chiang Mai, check it out!


It was good that I bought a couple dresses since I had just mailed my sister a package containing all of the dresses I had bought so far while on this trip.  It was sad to see them go but it was a pain hand washing them and this way I can enjoy them when I get home.

Sadly I also damaged one of my other dresses while traversing the dangerous sidewalks of Chiang Mai – somehow I ripped it on a sign.  Hopefully it can be repaired by somebody with more skill than I……….



And just to give credit, here are links to a few of the blogs I looked at while trying to figure out where to look for vintage clothing in Chiang Mai:





Until next time!





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