Hanging with the Hippies in Pai

Pai is a small town in Thailand that has a reputation of being a hippie town.  Granted, I did see some people in Pai walking around with the dreadlocks and bare feet thing, but I have to confess that I’m not so impressed with dreadlocks since there are so many places in Thailand that you can get dreadlocks put in like a hair extension so it no longer seems like the labor of love that it used to be.

Regardless, in addition to the hippies Pai also has lots and lots of tourists which also means lots and lots of shopping.  Not surprisingly, that combo resulted in a few very small vintage clothing stores.

The first shop was great because in addition to vintage clothing you could also rent bikes, which we did.  Unfortunately there are way too many steep hills around Pai and it was very warm so we didn’t ride the bikes as far as we would have hoped.

As for the vintage clothing selection at the first shop, if I were at home and had a closet there were a few dresses I would have purchased.  Unfortunately their material was not really compatible with a hot climate so I had to pass.  While I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the front of the store (I know, pretty dumb right?) I did get some pics of the dresses for sale:


There was also a second shop with vintage clothing that was a challenge to find.  I originally saw it when we got off our minivan and were trying to find our hotel so didn’t stop.  When I tried to find it the next day I could not, undoubtedly because it was closed.  I did stumble on it the day after that, and the selection was very small but there was one dress I kind of liked, but it had too many issues so I had to pass.

I stupidly didn’t take any pictures of the shop at the time because I was hot and wanted to go get something to drink, and I knew I would be passing by again later so thought I would take some then.  But, of course when I swung by later the shop was closed.  What kind of blogger am I?

At first I thought this was a fake Buffalo Exchange, but I think the sign belonged to the bar around the corner.

There was a lot of other shopping in Pai, and there did also appear to be a few second-hand stores but I didn’t see anything that really intrigued me.


Pai was a beautiful town with lots of shopping, had a great time.








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