Longyis and Thanaka in Myanmar

So I’m in Myanmar right now and it is not nearly as advanced as some of the other countries we have been traveling in.  I haven’t seen much clothing shopping at all, let alone any vintage clothing.  I’m not even sure what vintage clothing would look like here.  There is a big market in Yangon,… Continue reading Longyis and Thanaka in Myanmar

What Is It with These Pants?

For whatever reason, lots and lots of tourists in Thailand are buying and wearing this style of pants: I personally just don’t get it.  They don’t seem to be very flattering and really strike me as something that is more appropriate to wear on a lounging day at home, not out sightseeing.  Yet sooooooooooo many… Continue reading What Is It with These Pants?

A Foot Scrub and More Vintage Clothing in Chiang Mai

So we had to swing back by Chiang Mai to pick up my new computer (yay!!!!) and ended up staying for about a week.  Without even trying I found some more good shopping.  Oh of course I also went back to Love 70s and drooled over the vintage dresses some more.  I had about three… Continue reading A Foot Scrub and More Vintage Clothing in Chiang Mai