A Foot Scrub and More Vintage Clothing in Chiang Mai

So we had to swing back by Chiang Mai to pick up my new computer (yay!!!!) and ended up staying for about a week.  Without even trying I found some more good shopping.  Oh of course I also went back to Love 70s and drooled over the vintage dresses some more.  I had about three picked out that I wanted but then the voice of reason  (or maybe the voice of my stuffed backpack) took over and I had to walk away.

But anyway, I stumbled across two interesting places while walking to a mall to see a movie.

The first place looked intriguing, but inside it appeared to be all men’s clothing so I didn’t spend much time in there.


The second place looked more like a thrift store and from what I could see from the outside it didn’t look promising, but I miss thrift-storing so much I decided to wander in.  I was quite happy looking through the selection of dresses.  A few that I liked were obviously too small for me, but I finally settled on one that looked like it would fit.



Unfortunately it turned out to be too big for me and had a stain on it that I somehow missed, even though it was a large stain.  I probably just got too caught up in the excitement of shopping.  I turned it in with our laundry to see if maybe the stain would would wash out, but it didn’t.

I know, I really need to work on my photography skills!!!


Even though the dress only cost 80 baht ($2.26 USD) I can’t bring myself to throw the dress away so I (stupidly) decided it would be fun to have a sewing project while on the road.  I know I really don’t have room for it, but I have been reading so many sewing/refashion blogs lately and I am totally missing shopping and my sewing machine.  Unfortunately I don’t sew by hand very well so this may be a challenge, and I am not really sure I can get that stain out with the limited items at my disposal, but maybe it will be fun to try.

In anticipation I did expand my travel sewing kit to include a seam ripper and also got some black thread to more firmly secure the buttons on my green dress.   Oh, if you’re curious, the seam ripper cost 15 baht which is about 42 cents.  The thread was 14 baht.


Oh yeah, I also finally found a bagel with cream cheese – I have been craving this for months!


I also got a pedicure and a much needed foot scrub too.  Good times!



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