What Is It with These Pants?

For whatever reason, lots and lots of tourists in Thailand are buying and wearing this style of pants:


I personally just don’t get it.  They don’t seem to be very flattering and really strike me as something that is more appropriate to wear on a lounging day at home, not out sightseeing.  Yet sooooooooooo many tourists are buying and wearing these all over Thailand.


I guess I just don’t get what the obsession is.  They do come in many different colors and patters, yet for the life of me I don’t get it.  Maybe since have elephants on them they are considered a novelty item?  But come on, a fashion statement really shouldn’t be something that is “one size fits all.”

While you can buy these almost anywhere you rarely ever actually see a Thai person wearing them.


Although I do have to confess, I did buy a pair for my sister and sent them with my box of dresses that she’s going to hold for me.  Although the fact I thought she might like them means she definitely won’t, but it’s the effort that counts right?

Anyway, we have been exploring some non-shopping destinations lately (Mae Hong Son, Mae Sariang, and Mae Sot) so nothing on the vintage clothing front.  Beautiful scenery though.


Here are some pretty dresses I saw in a mall in Mae Sot, but I’d have to lose at least 50 pounds to possibly fit in one of them……….


Anyway, we are off to Myanmar next and I have read that the internet there is REALLY slow so if the rumors are true I may not be posting much.  Anyway, guess we’ll see.







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