My Refashion (Fail) While on the Road

Lately I have been obsessed with reading refashion blogs.  I know it really doesn’t make much sense since I am doing the long-term travel thing and do not expect to have a “home” in the foreseeable future, which means I have no sewing machine to do any refashions.  Yet obsessed I am. My sewing kit… Continue reading My Refashion (Fail) While on the Road

Parades and Purses in Nyaung Shwe

When we were in Nyaung Shwe we were lucky enough to see a few parades that we think were part of novitiation ceremonies.  It is my understanding that in Myanmar kids (at least the boys anyway) are supposed to join the Buddhist order for at least a week and the beginning of this process is… Continue reading Parades and Purses in Nyaung Shwe

Window Shopping in Mandalay, Myanmar

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So the husband came down with food poisoning (at least that is what we think it was) along with a horrible rash and hives that almost led us to take a last minute flight from Mandalay to Bangkok since the medical care in Myanmar is so poor.  But luckily he’s… Continue reading Window Shopping in Mandalay, Myanmar