Window Shopping in Mandalay, Myanmar

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So the husband came down with food poisoning (at least that is what we think it was) along with a horrible rash and hives that almost led us to take a last minute flight from Mandalay to Bangkok since the medical care in Myanmar is so poor.  But luckily he’s OK now.

Surely you could see why this combined with food poisoning symptoms could cause some concern.

However, that did give me plenty of free time to wander around town while the husband slept.  Really couldn’t buy too much due to the never-ending backpack is too full problem, but decided to try to go window shopping, although pretty much every shop is outside so there are no windows…….

I didn’t have any luck at all finding anything resembling vintage clothing.  I even tried going to a “mall” to look at shops there and it was really just one floor of shops with construction on all of the other floors.  Not exactly what I picture when I think of a mall.

The traffic in Mandalay is crazy.  Most intersections don’t have stop lights or stop signs.

The women in Myanmar do like bright colors and patterns and some of the fabric stores made me miss the sewing machine I no longer own.


There was one store that had a light of bright dresses in cool patterns, but not one of them had a pocket so I had to pass.  Some day I hope I can get over this obsession of needing pockets, it really would open up my choices.


At most of the tourist attractions there are vendors selling things.  I really loved this red and white polka dot blouse, but it was a kid’s blouse and I can’t even fit into most of the adult clothing here so I had to pass.


Overall it was an OK time, I could have done without the stress over the husband and I would have appreciated better shopping options when I had so much free time, but all’s well that ends well!






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