Please Help Me Settle This………

The disagreement is between my husband and I.  He thinks nobody edits their photos before posting them online (social media, blogs, etc.).  I say most people do edit their photos.

Who is right?


How did this come up?

So yesterday we were celebrating Songkran in Thailand and later we were looking at some photos we had taken.  I hate looking at photos of myself anyway, but one was really horrible, taken way too close up and what jumped out at me was just so many wrinkles, well of course many other imperfections as well, but it was just depressing.   I was worried that the husband was going to post it on his travel blog since he seemed to like it.

Although I should, I really don’t do photo editing.  The husband sometimes does an autocorrect, but that never helps me look thinner or have less wrinkles or get rid of blemishes, etc.

But that photo really got to me so I did make an attempt to edit it.  Here is the results (yes, I know it defeats the point to show the before and after):



SAM_6522 (1) (1)

The husband started calling me Odo, that guy from Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine.

Ha ha, but it really wasn’t all that funny, plus I didn’t do a great job since I hadn’t tried getting rid of wrinkles before and clearly need to improve.  Plus there are plenty of other wrinkles I didn’t even address, not to mention all of the other flaws.

I mean to write a post about how long term travel is not conducive to looking good, at least for somebody who’s middle aged like me, but that’s for another day.

Anyway, I’m rambling now, but seriously, do you edit your photos before posting them online?  I’d love to know.

Happy Songkran!







8 thoughts on “Please Help Me Settle This………

  1. Honesty, if I just seen that before image, I would have simply thought it was a nice photo of someone enjoying themselves. What’s so important about wrinkles? Doesn’t it just show your experience? Life’s too short to worry about that, anyway. My grandmother always says she’s 25 and I’ve always found that a bit childish.

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  2. Interesting question. We do process the pictures, take out some glare etc, but I don’t actually “change the picture”. This is Esther (writing from Joe’s profile) and I also worry about which pictures of me my husband wants to post. I also have to say that I honestly believe that the wrinkles are showing that you are actually living life! Good for you, embrace it, your wrinkles look beautiful! I will make it a point to try to not be so critical of myself next time, as I truly mean what I am writing to you (but I get it!!). Have a great trip!


  3. Sometimes I wish I had photo-shop to help correct some snaps, but I do know other people do all sorts of things. Personally, I see the after picture as having sharper contrast and worth the edit.


  4. The only time I edit is when using instagram filters. Thats because with phone pics sometimes a filter is required to actually make the photo look like what you saw. All my photos on my blog taken by me are unedited (don’t know about ones taken off me by friends).


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