Parades and Purses in Nyaung Shwe

When we were in Nyaung Shwe we were lucky enough to see a few parades that we think were part of novitiation ceremonies.  It is my understanding that in Myanmar kids (at least the boys anyway) are supposed to join the Buddhist order for at least a week and the beginning of this process is a parade, then the “monklings” (as my husband calls them) go get their head shaved.  The kids are called novices.


The parades were pretty festive and people seemed to be having a good time.

SAM_5978SAM_5974SAM_5973SAM_5966SAM_5963 SAM_6306SAM_5941 (1)

Of course what I also noticed is that the women tended to put on their best attire, some even wearing shoes that were obviously not their daily flip flops.

SAM_6299SAM_6292SAM_5961SAM_5957 (1)SAM_5951

I love how much they embrace color in Myanmar!


I really liked some of these shoes but I am defective in that I cannot wear flip flops since they tend to fly off my feet for some reason.

I did check out the market in town as well as shopping opportunities during our tour of Inle Lake.  My favorite was the purses and I did end up purchasing a few.


I really liked these, but didn’t get one for some reason…..

Unfortunately the main purse I associate with Myanmar (because a lot of locals carry them) don’t have zippers.  Any purse I buy has to have a zipper, yet another hangup of mine.


SAM_6009 (1)
Do you have any purses with zippers?  Oh yes, they are over here…….

I think the husband is pretty lucky that I prefer these cheap hippie-type purses over designer handbags!



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