Shopping for Vintage Clothing at Union Mall in Bangkok

We recently were back in Bangkok (man I love Bangkok) so while we were there I decided to try to find some vintage clothing.  After reading this article article I decided to check out Union Mall.


As the article suggests, I started out on the 5th floor.  I was kind of disappointed because the floor seemed to be pretty vacant.


There were some stores, but I think I would say there were about 2 vintage stores that I saw that were worth checking out (of course maybe I missed something).

SAM_6627SAM_6626 (1)

One of the stores was actually quite large and had a big selection of vintage dresses.


Here were some of my favorites:


The problem with all of these dresses were that they were in very small sizes so I could say with absolute certainty that there was no way any of these was even worth trying on since they were several sizes too small.  So fun to look, not fun to buy.


While some of the items did appear to be real vintage, other items didn’t seem to be real vintage to me.  Interestingly, it looks like maybe they had some new old stock.  I had read somewhere that a lot of vintage clothing in Asia comes from Japan.  The characters on this tag appear to be Chinese characters, which are the same characters they use in Japan (although Japan has some different characters as well), so I can’t tell for sure where this came from.


There also seemed to be a large number of heavy coats, which I thought was pretty strange because it is really warm in Bangkok, not the kind of place you’d need a winter coat, just saying…..


I checked out the 4th floor which had a lot of shops but not any vintage that I could see.

I also checked out the 3rd floor but didn’t find any second hand clothing section.

I thought this pair of shorts was pretty unique.

Of course I checked out the rest of the mall as well.  It definitely was a younger crowd shopping there.  There were actually a lot of dresses that I liked (both vintage and new) and things were really cheap, but the problem was the size of everything – it was all way too small for me.


So it was fun to browse but it would have been a lot more enjoyable if I had a shot of actually finding something that fit my large, farang body.  Oh well, as my husband would say, it’s not like a actually need a new dress right now.

Until next time……







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