Surprise in Udon Thani, Thailand

We recently spent some time relaxing in Udon Thani, Thailand.  Not a lot of major tourist stuff is there but it didn’t matter because we just wanted a little time to rest up.


We did check out the parks, hung around the mall, and I even tried out a yoga class that was held in Thai.  That was a little interesting since I had no idea what the instructor said the whole time, but it was surprisingly not that hard to follow along, well except for the one time we were using the exercise balls and I couldn’t figure out the position – various people in class were giggling at me and the instructor had to come over to straighten me out.  Other than that it was fine.

Scene of the yoga class.

One evening we walked around one of the bigger parks and then came across a walking street (streets really) where there were various vendors set up on the streets.  As we were walking along I got a pleasant surprise – vintage clothing.  Be still my beating heart!!!


I really wasn’t expecting to see any vintage clothing in Udon Thani so this was a pleasant surprise.  My husband had just purchased some street food and was ready to go, but patiently waited while I looked around for a minute.

I didn’t take a lot of photos because I was in a hurry, but I actually found a few great dresses.  There was one that I actually liked a lot but it didn’t have a pocket, which is one of my requirements, so I sadly let it go.


I couldn’t stop thinking about it though so we were actually going to go back another night, but I was disappointed to find out that the walking street is only on weekends so even if we went back it wouldn’t be there.  We had to press on to the next city so wouldn’t be in Udon Thani for another weekend.  Sigh.

I love novelty prints!


Ironically it did make me evaluate why pockets are so important to me.

These compression suits (at least I think that’s what these are) seem a little extreme, I am not sure what they are used for – or why they would have a big enough market to warrant taking up a display window.

I realize I want pockets because I have a chapstick addiction so always need/want my chapstick to be readily available.  In hindsight it seems pretty stupid that I don’t buy clothing because it doesn’t have a pocket for my chapstick, so I actually decided to stop using chapstick for the most part – although I found out it really is a lot harder to “quit” chapstick then you would think!

This whole experience also made me realize that I strangely always have a tissue in my pocket as well, despite the fact I rarely ever use it.  I can’t even imagine how many unused tissues I have thrown away over the years.  Not really sure how that habit started, time to break that one as well.

While it has been hard so far, hopefully this will expand my clothing horizons and let me buy things without pockets.

Are there any other chapstick addicts out there?

Until next time!

This was from a menu.  Does anybody know if “Dip in Boiling Water Industries” is any good?

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