I Like to Buy!

Right now we are exploring Laos, which is a cool country with some great things to see (like the Plain of Jars) but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any vintage clothing.

SAM_7302 (1).JPG

Since I have nothing to say about vintage clothing right now, today we will talk about some purchases I have been making while on the road, and of course since they don’t fit in my backpack I had to send another box to my sister to store for me.

So let’s look at some of the things I have been buying while on the road.

I bought some purses:



I bought some t-shirts:


And finally some cheap blouses and one dress.  Sadly nothing was vintage.


I also sent my sister a few things too:


The elephant thing was interesting, supposedly in Myanmar they have these for Christmas and the dolls inside the elephant are the nativity family.  I thought it was kind of cool, I almost bought one for myself but didn’t really know what I would end up doing with it – at least I know I’ll wear clothing!

And sadly, although it didn’t seem like I was stuffing my backpack too full and I could zip it with no issues, it was showing some damage.  I had visions of it ripping apart in the cargo hold of some bus with all of my stuff rolling around the cargo hold so I replaced it pretty quickly.

SAM_7145 (1)
Showing some wear
SAM_7158 (1)
The new backpack

It seems like I should become a total minimalist since I am traveling around living out of a backpack, but I guess I just like shopping and buying too much.  At least I am content buying cheap things and my favorite thing is clothing so at least it is useful, but I know I am not a true minimalist.

Ironically we just bought round trip tickets from Hong Kong to the U.S. so we could spend some time visiting family and then come back to Asia to explore some more, so I guess we’re really committing to this long term travel thing for awhile.  We recently had our ten month anniversary of being on the road and I can’t believe we have actually been on the road that long.

Until next time!

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