Vintage Paradise at the Nampodong Market in Busan

It seems like it has been forever since I have come across any good vintage clothing shopping.  I really liked Busan, South Korea and fell even more in love with the city when I found the vintage clothing alley in the Nampodong Market.  I was in heaven!


In fact, I had such a great time there that I had to go back a second time as well!  It really was paradise and I walked away with four new dresses and although I really don’t think two of them are actually vintage, I still love them.  I could have bought much more and spent far more time going through all of the clothing, but unfortunately we had sight-seeing to do in Busan and well, the backpack can only fit so much.  Seriously though, this place had tons of vintage clothing!


I absolutely love these kinds of places where you have to do some digging and things are so cheap.  I love something like this instead of those trendy vintage shops where there isn’t much selection and everything is way overpriced.  The most expensive dress I bought was only about $6.oo USD!


SAM_8900 (1)
I got two dresses off of this rack and there was two more that I wanted, but just couldn’t do it.
SAM_8790 (1)
If you look carefully you can see me shopping back there!

SAM_8764SAM_8777 (1)SAM_8799

All of those bags were filled with vintage clothing.  

In fact, they had piles of clothing everywhere where each item was a bargain price. You basically just grabbed a stool, sat down and started digging.  I tried it at one place but after a little while the lady working there came over and hit me on the back, which I didn’t like much so I left.  Not really sure what that was about.

What I did see when looking through some different piles is that there was some great vintage clothing, but most of it was too small for my western size.  If the husband hadn’t been waiting at a coffee shop I could see spending many, many happy hours digging through the piles.  Sometimes I think it’s the thrill of the hunt that I enjoy most.

SAM_8780 (1)SAM_8784SAM_8792SAM_8793SAM_8899

I originally wanted to try to explain how to find the part of the Nampodong Market with all of the vintage clothing because the instructions I found online didn’t help much since they all seemed to refer to turning at a KFC that I never saw.  I only found the place because my husband is brilliant at finding things.  However, I waited too long to write this post so my memory isn’t the best, but here goes:

OK, first you start out at the main intersection of Nampodong with the statue in the middle.  Do I remember how you get there – well, no, but it’s a pretty main intersection.

Here’s the statue I’m talking about.

Once you find the statue you want to go down the street on the left (shown here) and head west. After that you take the first right (north) and then go a few hundred meters. Then you should see the vintage street on the left, so you turn left.

I took photos of these stores that you will pass on the way (assuming they haven’t closed down or moved):


I believe this is the intersection where you turn:


This is what it should look like when you turn left at the vintage clothing:


Note the yellow sign up at the top, there are two vintage clothing stores that have clear signs, so you should see those right away once you turn left at the vintage clothing area. Maybe you can also find the area by looking up a map of where these stores are located.


I’ll try to get around to doing a post showing my new purchases but we’ve been really busy lately.

Until next time!

SAM_8923 (1).JPG
Isn’t it required that everybody try a facial mask while in South Korea?




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