Travel and Blogger Burnout

I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I seriously have a case of both travel and blogger burnout.

On July 15 we officially will have been on the road for one year.  It’s an impressive accomplishment but right now I have serious travel burnout and really have no desire to move on to the next city, I can’t get excited about seeing any sites, and I absolutely dread doing the extensive research that goes along with travel:  where to go, where to stay, what sites to see, how do you get there, how much does it cost, and the list goes on and on…….


We are in China right now, and it’s sad to say but it’s not really helping me being here because I am not the biggest fan of Chinese culture – it involves a lot of pushing, shoving, elbowing, constant line-cutting, etc., with never an “excuse me,” “sorry,” or any other common courtesy so everybody just seems incredibly rude to me.  Plus there’s a lot of shouting.

I know it’s just the culture, if you interact with individuals they mostly seem pretty nice and plenty of people have been friendly and helpful, but I just can’t help but get upset anytime I end up in a crowd, which is constantly.  The husband tells me I need to not take it personally since it’s not personal, and I get that but it just feels so rude.


I also hate the fact that I feel myself turning into a rude person as well, at this point I can push and shove (but not with the best of them, I haven’t gotten that good bad) without ever uttering even a single apology, but I hate myself for it and hate the culture that forces me to do it if I ever want to get on or off the subway, get across the street, or ever progress in line.

It’s also somewhat irritating that China blocks so much with their firewall.  I mean I knew when we got here there would be no Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Netflix, etc. (isn’t that bad enough?) but it didn’t occur to me that I wouldn’t even be able to access my normal news site, my photos online, or so many of the blogs I read. WordPress still works fine but Bloglovin’ doesn’t work at all.  My Feedly kind of works in that my list of blogs still come up, but most of them don’t have pictures.  If you try to actually open the blog to their webpage, most won’t come up.  I know, I know, I probably read too many blogs anyway so maybe it’s a good thing.

Yet while I am missing a lot of my blog reading, I have not been looking forward to writing any new blog posts.  In fact, I am actually pretty relieved that I can’t write on my Blogspot travel blog since it’s Google-related and therefore blocked so I guess I have a two month reprieve there, that is if I can last in China that long.


Despite the way I feel, the husband really, really, really wanted to take a twenty hour train ride to Kunming.  Yes you heard that right, TWENTY FREAKING HOURS!!!!!!  Who really wants to be on a train that long?  And bathrooms in China are pretty bad anyway so can you picture what one would look (and smell) like on a train after twenty hours? Yet I reluctantly agreed to do it since the husband really likes adventures like that (and he does a lot of things to make me happy), but I have to say I was pretty relieved when the train was sold out for days and we had to book a flight instead.

So I’ll stop my whining now.  I know life could be a lot worse, seeing all the headlines about the shootings in the U.S. is quite sobering.


Yet I have to confess, seeing the U.S. headlines from an international perspective does make me realize how the U.S. looks, I mean the U.S. really needs to do something about gun control as it is just not good that almost every headline coming out of the U.S. is about a shooting.

In fact, I’m surprised that people from other countries don’t picture everybody walking around in the U.S. with guns drawn since if you go by the headlines all it seems that everybody ever does is shoot at each other.  Or maybe people really do picture the U.S. looking like that, the Bahamas did issue that travel advisory and I have read that in the past Australia wanted to issue an advisory about guns in the U.S. as well. Kind of sad.

Anyway, enough complaining for now, hopefully I’ll get over all this burnout and my next post will be far more positive.

Until next time!

What every good hotel room should have available.








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