Smiling for Tomorrow

I saw this sign by our hotel and ever since I saw it I can’t get that old Blur song “For Tomorrow” out of my head.  I went and tried to watch the video, but since I am in China that wasn’t such an easy feat since so much is blocked and our VPN doesn’t work, but here’s the best I could do:  For Tomorrow by Blur


This song really brings me back to my college days with combat boots, Doc Martens, rolled up Levis, long johns, flannel shirts, hooded shirts, experimenting with weird haircuts and hair colors, etc.  And don’t forget the Britpop music.  Back in college my goal was to have “atmosphere.”


Sigh, I feel so old now, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any “atmosphere” anymore (especially while on the road) and it’s crazy to think the clothing I wore then is now vintage.  Yup, that’s right, I graduated from undergrad in ’93 so the clothing I wore then is actually vintage clothing now.

Back in those days if you wanted to watch videos you actually had to watch MTV (120 Minutes was my favorite) and you had to take photos with a camera and then go get the film developed (hence the few crappy photos I have of those days). Man I never thought I’d be talking about the “old days.”


But college is also where I started getting into shopping at thrift stores and developing a love for vintage clothing so it was a defining time in my life.  I fondly remember those days and I wish I could still pull off the interesting hair colors/cuts again, especially now that I don’t have to dress conservatively for work anymore – sadly I think I would just look too pathetic now.  Sigh again.



Oh well off I go, had a good time thinking back and I’m glad that sign got me blogging again.  But now it’s time to go, smiling for tomorrow.

Until next time…..






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