Excited About Dental Floss……..

You know I have been on the road too long when I got really excited that I found some good dental floss.  I’m not sure what the deal is with people (not?) flossing their teeth in S. Korea and China, but we ran out of dental floss in S. Korea and it wasn’t as easy as you would think to find it in stores.  Even when I found it there were no choices of different brands, etc., which makes me wonder if people don’t floss their teeth much in those countries.

Unfortunately the only floss I could find was total crap.  Thanks to braces in my youth my teeth are jammed so close together that flossing can be a challenge.  The only crap I was able to find would literally get stuck between my teeth and break off, so I wasn’t sure flossing was accomplishing much when I would end up with floss stuck between my teeth and having to use more floss to get that floss out.

This is one of the crap flosses I purchased.  Strangely the floss from this package is actually black, which I had never seen before.

But recently I was in Watsons and did a quick skim in the dental area and about fell down in shock when I saw a nice familiar pack of dental floss that was something you could find in the U.S.  All of the writing on the package was even all in English, a rare treat!  It was a little pricey but there was no doubt in my mind that I was buying it.

When I got back to the hotel room I happily opened the package and sure enough, it was the good kind of floss that is nicely waxed and thin/strong enough to easily slide between my teeth without getting stuck and breaking off………who knew I would be so happy about such a stupid thing?


But then one of my friends emailed me to let me know that I really don’t need to floss anyway, so maybe I was just spinning my wheels.  But I have to say, despite reading about it I haven’t been able to stop flossing, it just seems wrong to not do it for some reason.

link to article about flossing

And just to clarify, no this isn’t some sort of product endorsement, I am too crappy of a blogger to actually have companies who want me to endorse anything, I have no affiliate links, and make absolutely no money on this blog.

This photo really doesn’t have anything to do with this blog post, I just thought it was cool that I got to hold a tiger cub.

Since technically this is supposed to be a vintage clothing blog I should probably talk about vintage clothing some.

I have officially been on the road over a year now and three (out of five) of my vintage dresses are still going strong, despite being worn and washed at least once a week.  I really think that vintage clothing construction was better than modern clothing construction since these dresses have held up better than most of the modern clothes (i.e., the ones purchased brand new in stores) I brought on this trip.

Here are the dresses still going strong:

I did have an incident when I ran into a sign and cut the dress (my clumsiness, no fault of the dress), but I was able to get it “repaired” in Myanmar and it’s still going great.  Keep in mind I had this dress for years before going on this trip yet it’s still in great shape.



This dress is also in great shape, although the colors are slowly starting to fade.


This dress is showing the most damage.  I’ve had to do some repairs and it is pilling a lot, so its time may be limited.  However, I did have this dress for quite some time before we left on this trip, so it held up quite well.

I would have liked to show you the two vintage dresses that had to be ditched along the way, but our photos are stored on the cloud and I cannot access most of them right now, so maybe another time.

What are your thoughts anyway, floss or not?

Until next time…….




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