I Miss Dressing for Fall

Recently we were in Nanning, China and a cold front came through and it definitely felt nippy like fall.  It was interesting to watch all of the locals in their cooler weather clothing with the long sleeves and jackets and it made me a little sad thinking about the sweaters, jeans, boots, etc. that I used to own.


The husband and I definitely prefer warm weather and made the choice to chase warm weather on our travels so we really don’t have much cool weather clothing with us.  I have a few pairs of lightweight pants I’m not overly fond of, a sweater and a sweatshirt and that’s about it.  So when this cooler weather hit I was horribly unprepared.

This really isn’t fall attire, but I don’t have many choices.

Luckily we didn’t stay there very long and headed south to Vietnam in search of warmer weather.

I should probably shop here.

I really enjoy traveling but at times like this it makes me sad thinking of the closet I used to have and the clothing and shoes I used to have.  I really enjoyed the seasonal weather changeouts of the closet which is something I clearly cannot enjoy while on the road.


While I am forced to live a kind of minimalist lifestyle while on the road, a true minimalist (at least when it comes to clothing and shoes) I am not.


These places were near our hotel and every time we passed them I would see a pair of shoes that I liked.  I actually tried buying shoes a few times in China but my feet are too big and  they never had my size.  These actually look like men’s shoes so maybe they would fit, but shoes just take up way to much space in the backpack so not a good idea.

Sorry I went missing for awhile, just spending some much needed time taking a break in the U.S. and hanging out with the family.  Hopefully I will be back to posting on a regular basis again.

What a great name for a convenience store.

Until next time…..



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