A Photo Shoot in Hanoi and a Possible Vintage Dress Sighting at the Marble Mountains

Recently I was in Hanoi and while I was waiting for the husband to get money out of the ATM I saw what appeared to be some sort of photo shoot.  Being just an office worker in my prior life I had never seen anything like a photo shoot before so I thought it was quite interesting.  I don’t think it was the highest budget thing in the world, but there was a group of people involved and clearly some preparation had gone into it.


IMG_20161106_010117.jpgBefore I decided to take a few pictures of it I saw them photographing the model.  Then she looked at some of the clothing in the bags on the ground there and selected a new outfit.  You can see the one girl holding a gray blanket kind of thing and the model went against the wall and they held the blanket out in front of her while she changed.

IMG_20161106_010107 (1).jpg

I thought it was pretty interesting since I had never seen anything like it before.

I doubt the photo shoot was related to this.

We were at the Marble Mountains one day and I kept seeing this girl wearing what appeared to be a real vintage dress.  On the road it seems like I never see anybody wearing vintage clothing so I was totally intrigued by this, and of course I liked the dress too.


Now I could be wrong, but I really think this was a legit vintage dress.  Of course I felt stupid going up to say anything to her, especially since I was wearing my totally non-vintage but practical cotton blouse and shorts, so just discreetly tried to take a picture or two from behind so she didn’t think I was some weirdo taking pictures of her.  Of course they are too blurry to tell for sure if it was really vintage.  I was strangely excited about it at the time.

IMG_20161106_012058 (1).jpg
I saw this dress in Hanoi and thought it was super cute.  The longs sleeves just won’t work for me though.


Until next time…..







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