Shopping for Vintage Clothing in Chiang Mai at Love ’70s

Chiang Mai is one of my favorite cities in Thailand, actually probably one of my favorite cities ever.  Last time we were in Chiang Mai I found Love ’70s, an awesome vintage clothing store.  I still have one of the dresses I bought there in my backpack today.


When I knew we were returning to Chiang Mai I hoped that the store was still there and even designated one of our days a “Wendy shopping day” so I would have a chance to go check it out.

My first blog post on Love ’70s

Well happily it is still there and I spent an awesome time carefully looking at the dresses.  They are still quite affordable (I think 200 baht for one dress, three for 500, or about $5.65 and $14.12 in USD).  They did also have a price listed for 10 dresses, but I don’t remember what that was (I knew ten more dresses would never fit in my backpack!).


Unfortunately I walked away without buying anything.  I’m not sure why, this was one of the few times I actually had planned on buying a dress or two, but somehow it must not have been in the cards.  They had rows of beautiful dresses but there was always something wrong – the wrong material (too heavy), the wrong sleeves (a dress with long sleeves just isn’t practical for me), the wrong size, the wrong style, etc.  If I were at home with a closet I probably would have bought a few, but living out of a backpack has made me really choosy about what I buy because I will have to wear it over and over again.

The dress I wanted to buy but didn’t was this one:


It just had too many problems, it was probably a little too small (although I admittedly didn’t try it on), it had a stain (which I have limited resources to use to try to remove), and it was faded (which I knew would only get worse with very frequent washings).

So I left empty handed, but still happy to have spent some time looking through vintage clothing.


I love Chiang Mai so I’m sure we’ll be back and when we are I sure hope this store is still there.

Until next time…….



3 thoughts on “Shopping for Vintage Clothing in Chiang Mai at Love ’70s

  1. Hi! Too bad about the dress. Would you mind telling me where to go for second hand jewelry/knick knacsks in Chiang Mai? Did you see any store that sold them in yellow plastic bags? Cheers!


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