How Do You Know When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to a Vintage Dress?

How do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to a vintage dress?

When I am on the road every item of clothing I have is quite precious.  When we left after our last stop in the U.S. my backpack still contained two of the vintage dresses that I originally started this trip with.  They were both showing a lot of wear and tear I expected that they would reach their end soon.

In better days…..

Sadly the first dress I had to say goodbye to was my pink and white gingham dress.  I really and truly loved that dress and now I feel like maybe I was a bit hasty in letting it go.

Why did I let it go?  I had been constantly having to repair that dress and it needed yet more repairs.  I am not great at hand-sewing and in my eyes it was starting to look a little rough with my imperfect stitching.  I was actually dreading having to repair it yet again (it needed repairs in three places!), and it was just taking up space in my backpack in an unwearable condition.  I guess I was also sick of wearing it to some extent.  Let’s face it, I am forced to wear the same articles of clothing over and over and over so that’s bound to happen.


When is it time to say good bye to a vintage item?  I am curious about when other vintage clothing owners feel something has just lived to long and it’s time to go.  I’m sure vintage items get thrown away but you never hear about it.  Is there some limit about how many holes, too big of a stain, too many necessary repairs, etc. that makes a vintage item ready for the trash?

I don’t know, but I have to confess my beautiful dress ended up in a trash can in a hotel room.


I regret it now.  I really and truly loved that dress.  I had that dress for several years and had done plenty of repairs on it (obviously they weren’t done well) before we ever left on the trip.  In fact, it made it in my backpack because it was one of my favorite dresses.


One benefit of getting rid of the dress was that there was now room in my backpack for a new dress.  I have been looking for a replacement but haven’t found anything I really like to replace it.  When we were in Chiang Mai I was even at a vintage clothing store and didn’t find anything.  It seems that when I don’t have any extra room in my backpack I see lots of dresses I want to buy, but now I can’t find anything.  No doubt this is my punishment for getting rid of the dress.  Serves me right.

Usually I mourn the clothing items I fell in love with and didn’t buy, but now I am mourning the one I let go……….


I would love any thoughts you may have about when a vintage clothing item is past its prime and is ready to go to the great clothing graveyard in the sky.

Until next time……



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