Shopping for Vintage Clothing in Cape Town

It has seriously been forever since I have even seen a vintage clothing store, so I was pleasantly surprised to find some vintage clothing stores in Cape Town, South Africa.


Most of the vintage clothing stores I came across were on Long Street, a big tourist area in Cape Town.  A lot of businesses in Cape Town have these gates on the door and somebody has to hit the buzzer to open them so you can go in.  The vintage clothing stores on Long Street were really small and some had reasonable prices while others were pretty expensive.  Since they were so small I felt stupid taking pictures inside so I don’t have too many.  The pictures here were actually taken by my loving husband who has no interest in vintage clothing but is just a nice guy.


In addition to vintage clothing there were some other shops that had a lot of colorful clothing in what I assume were African fabrics.  Looking back at these pictures I wish I would have bought something.


While we were in town we stayed in the Sea Point area and totally got screwed on our studio apartment – other guests got to enjoy views of the sea and the mountains but this was our view:


So unlucky.  It was so dark we had to have the lights on even during the day.

However the Sea Point area was really nice and I found yet another vintage clothing store there and I think that was my favorite vintage store in Cape Town.


While I really enjoyed shopping I didn’t find anything that I really wanted.  Maybe being on the road and wearing the same things over and over has made me too picky – I have to really like something to add it in the rotation.  It is kind of a shame because I have very few vintage items left in the backpack at this point and I am soooo sick of the clothing I do have.


Cape Town is a beautiful city and we had a good time.  One of my bucket list items in Cape Town was to go shark cage diving to check out great white sharks up close.  I am obsessed with sharks yet terrified of them as well so that would have been a memorable experience.  Unfortunately we were scheduled to go several times but each trip got cancelled because there were no sharks in the area.  The speculation was that the sharks left because there were orcas around and they are a natural enemy of great white sharks.  Later some great whites were found washed up on shore and the belief was they were killed by orcas read all about it here.

One of the companies who offered shark cage diving.

Regardless of what was happening I didn’t get to cage dive with sharks so that means we’ll be going back to Cape Town at some point so that’s something to look forward to, and knowing I can shop for vintage clothing while I am there is a definite plus.

Until next time…………



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