I Tried to Shop for Vintage Clothing in Tirana

Whenever I am going to a big city and we’re spending some time there, I try to see if there are any vintage clothing stores nearby that I can check out.  When we were getting ready to head to Albania I was pretty excited to find out that there was a vintage clothing store in Tirana – Vendi Sekret.  So one day I headed over there to check it out.  With the GPS on my phone I didn’t have too hard of a time finding it, but unfortunately it was closed.IMG_20170610_162059.jpgThere was a paper with some writing on the building but it was in Albanian so I have no idea if it was actually something pertaining to the shop or not.  Since there was vintage clothing in the store and it looked like a legit business I am assuming that it just wasn’t open at the time I was there, but I really don’t know for sure.  I was disappointed but it was a really, really small shop so I confess I never went back another time to try to check it out.  IMG_20170610_162142.jpgI will say, I actually expected to be able to find more vintage clothing stores in eastern Europe, but I haven’t been having much luck.  I stumbled across an older interview of a vintage clothing shop owner in Bulgaria and she pointed out that vintage clothing isn’t as big in eastern Europe because of bad feelings about the communist past and also because during communist times people didn’t have access to modern things so perhaps wearing vintage clothing will make them feel outdated. Read the interview here.IMG_20170610_162133That does totally make sense, and honestly these countries we have been visiting were communist until the late 1980s/early 1990s, so it wasn’t that long ago.  I can’t help but wonder how different my life would have been had I been born here instead of in the U.S.  I was in college when these countries were breaking free of communism so my life really would have been quite different.

I also stumbled across this place that appeared to be a second hand store.  The husband ignored me apparently didn’t hear me when I told him I wanted to stop so by the time I took the picture he was already out of sight so I had to run up to catch up with him and didn’t have a chance to check it out.

Regardless, I really fell in love with Tirana and I have no doubt I’ll be back, vintage clothing store or not.


Until next time…..

This store was in Macedonia.  I will admit that I’m middle aged but I wouldn’t shop here just on principle of the matter alone – I don’t believe that middle aged women should have to dress any certain way just because they are middle aged.




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