I Did Find the Vintage Clothing at the Jongno Kwangjang Market in Seoul

Hello all, sorry for the extended silence on the blog.  I guess I kind of got burnt out on travel and blogging and then I was in Guatemala for about 2 1/2 months studying Spanish, so that kept me pretty busy.

Sadly what has motivated me to do a blog post is I was trying to get rid of any excess weight in my backpack (a never ending challenge) and I realized I was still carrying around a stupid brochure for the Jongno Kwangjang Market in Seoul.  If you remember, way back in June, 2016 I wrote a blog post about not being able to find the vintage clothing at the Jongno Kwangjang Market: Vintage Fail in Seoul

Well a little after that (still in June, 2016) we ended up back in Seoul again and I went back to the market to try to find the vintage clothing, and that time I was successful.  I even got a brochure from the market that had a map of where to find the vintage clothing.  I actually did work on a blog post about it but thanks to computer and/or internet issues of course the post didn’t save and I never got around to writing it a second time.

I remember I had gotten really frustrated trying to find the vintage clothing at that market, so even though I am about a year and a half late I figured I’d post this in the hopes it may help somebody else find the vintage clothing section, assuming it’s still there.  Keep in mind these photos and the brochure were accurate in June, 2016 and I haven’t been to Seoul since so I have no idea if this information is still accurate.

There was a lot of vintage clothing at the market so if you love vintage clothing it’s worth checking out.  I didn’t buy anything but I asked for prices on a couple of things and I remember it was about double the prices of the vintage clothing I bought in Busan.

Here are some shots of the vintage clothing and entrances from June, 2016:


That doorway leads up to the vintage clothing section (at least it did in June, 2016).  The key was to look for the three different flags (South Korea, USA and Italy). 
Notice the entrance across the street – in June, 2016 it led upstairs to the vintage clothing.  Notice the flags (same as above).
This was inside the market on the first floor, note the “Japan USA Italy” – going up that staircase took you to the vintage clothing.

Here are shots from the brochure I received in June, 2016:


Some general info about the vintage section.


Notice the vintage section is on the left.
IMG_20171211_103409 (1)
The markings on here have nothing to do with the vintage clothing section.

So there you go, it only took me a year and a half to get around to this, but now I feel like I can finally throw the brochure away.

Until next time.





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