Shopping in Oaxaca, Mexico

I know I am a horrible blogger, sorry about that.  Maybe someday I will get motivated to post on here on a regular basis, but obviously I am not there yet.

Ironically I take pictures all the time with blog ideas in mind, I just never quite get around to writing them.  This post is a quite delayed, I was actually in Oaxaca in December, but better late than never, right?

Sadly when I went back to get my pictures from Oaxaca, I hadn’t taken as many as I thought.

What actually inspired me to write this post is that I recently was looking at vintage dresses on eBay and Etsy since I will be briefly back in the U.S. soon and want to restock my clothes that are currently falling apart.  What I found interesting is I found several listings for “vintage” Oaxaca dresses.  Now don’t get me wrong, I really like Oaxaca dresses and I actually had one before we left on this trip, but what I find curious is the “vintage” label.

IMG_20171211_132127IMG_20171211_132030You see, they still sell those types of dresses in Oaxaca and actually in many places in throughout Mexico.  Now I am guess some of those online listings are vintage since they probably have been making these dresses for a long time.  However, is every one labelled “vintage” really vintage?  I am not quite sure about that.

IMG_20171211_132129 (1)I have not actually bought one of the Oaxaca dresses yet, I keep meaning to but I think I might feel stupid wearing one here and with such limited backpack space I prefer to have something I can wear now.  I can’t really explain why I would feel stupid wearing one while in Mexico but fine wearing one in other countries, but whatever.

IMG_20171211_132129When we were in Oaxaca I did do a little shopping and looked at an embroidered shirt.  The cost was about $10 USD, the lady was unwilling to bargain with me all.  She claimed that the shirt was embroidered by hand, yet she had various colors all with the same design.  I was somewhat doubtful about whether they were done by hand because she had so many that looked exactly the same and I had seen the exact same shirt at various locations.  Did the same person really embroider all of them?  How do they get them to look so much alike if they are really done by hand?  Then again, I certainly am no expert on embroidery so maybe they are all done by hand, who knows.

I liked the shirt but thought it was a little tight and was worried it might shrink even more after I washed it so didn’t buy it.

Here is what I did buy in Oaxaca:

I really liked these shoes.  They were cheap, about $12 USD.  Unfortunately they were not of very good quality as I had to keep super gluing them back together.  I threw them away when I was trying to clear out the backpack to reduce weight before our flights to/from the Corn Islands.
I am still using this purse.


Looking at what the “vintage” Oaxaca dresses are going for online I am curious as to what one costs down here, it has to be significantly cheaper than what they are listed for online.

I suppose a possible business idea would be to buy some dresses here in Mexico and then sell them online but that won’t happen anytime soon as we will be heading to Thailand in September.

Until next time…….

I have not seen any good signs lately so I’ll throw this in there in honor of shark week.



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